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Back Stretcher

Relieve pressure off your spine & correct back posture with the Back Stretcher! This product is preventive care for your lower back and posture. From daily activities involving sitting all day, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances.

It is uniquely designed to help correct and improve posture. Often slouching causes heavy pressure on the spine, the Back Stretcherhelps stretch and relieve any tension caused by slouching. It's simple yet effective, just use it for little as 10 minutes per day in the comfort of your own home while scrolling social media or watching your favorite TV show! 

  • Helps relieves sciatica pain relief & posture correction
  • Simple yet effective and ergonomic design includes an arch with 3 adjustable settings for use by any age or ability
  • Portable design that folds and easily fit into bags or suitcases
  • Use it on your desk chair or even car seat